Rugby Type-21

It’s played professionally in Europe, Japan, South Africa, Australia and virtually in every country.
Except the one that matters most: the United States.
This is a chance to say, “I was there when it happened.” Kraft. Jones. Allen. Are you next?
Now is the time to own a sports franchise and be part of U.S. Sports History for a fraction of a NFL team.
It is the NRFL’s intention to begin league play with 8 Founding Teams.

Rugby Type-22

Rugby has a global reach and is played professionally in 120 countries.
Rugby is the second largest team sport in the world.
Rugby World Cup is the Third largest sporting event in the world. The 2015 World Cup generated over $2.5 billion of output in the economy.
Rugby was added to the 2016 Olympics.
Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the United States.
Professional rugby has a low cost of entry and low annual operating costs.
Major TV networks are behind rugby in North America.




We are seeking corporate partners and team owners to write their own
History with this unique major league sports opportunity.

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